Online Sunday Worship

Our Sunday Worship is now online. If you are interested in joining us via Zoom, please request the links by emailing Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship

This begins at 9 am Sunday and offers an opportunity for 45 minutes of worship in the manner of early Friends.  After a few minutes of opening silence, a short passage is read followed by our time of waiting worship.  Frequently a message arises out of the silence. We close meeting with a “circle handshake” and enter into a time of worship sharing followed by announcements.  We meet in the gathering room on the lower level and are delighted to welcome visitors.  To find us, park in the main lot and go in the door on the south end of the building and then take an immediate left into the gathering room.

Programmed Meeting for Worship

Begins at 11 am Sunday and offers an opportunity for worship incorporating silence, sharing, singing, music from the choir, prayer, and a message from the pastor, a Meeting member, or guest speaker. At First Friends, a typical 11 am programmed service looks like this:

  • music prelude beforehand
  • a friendly welcome with announcements, joys and concerns
  • an opening hymn
  • a short message for the younger children
  • choir anthem or special music
  • an offertory
  • a reading from the Bible
  • a short message from the pastor or someone from the meeting
  • 15 to 20 minutes of open worship, often with a person or two speaking out of the silence.
  • a closing hymn
  • a benediction and an encouragement to shake hands with your neighbor.

Worship varies some each week — it’s never completely predictable. On occasion a carefully prepared message or chosen hymn will be abandoned, if we feel the Spirit leading us in a different direction. Worship usually lasts about one hour, but we’ll finish early or sometimes go a bit longer if it feels right to do so. Our goal in worship is to listen to God, and follow the Spirit’s leading.