Sunday October 25

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Sunday’s Meetings for Worship: 9:00 am unprogrammed; 11:00 am – Deborah’s message “Sacred Scriptures, Sacred Questions:  What is Your Name? Her Scripture text is taken from Genesis 32:27-28.  To read the bulletin, CLICKHERE

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES at 10:00am this Sunday

Adult Options:

1. Biblical Study of The Book of Revelation with Bill and Dawn Davis in Room 2 downstairs. 

2. Relative to Life Series: Bill Davis & Jim Plummer – The Gift of Music.  Meet in Fellowship Hall.

Youth 5 years and up: Have begun a 13 Week series On Becoming Friends. Teachers are Janina Peachey, Jim Plummer, Jennie Hunt and Patrick Tillman with the High School age assisting in room 108. Child care with Renee for our little ones 0-4 in the nursery. 

Way of the Child: During Meeting after the Children’s message for children ages 3-5 in room 105.  Teacher:  Leah Edwards.