Cycle of Grace Part 3: Significance

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9 am Unprogrammed Meeting-in the Gathering Room downstairs

10 am Small Groups:

Children 3-10 are invited to Way of the Child in Room 203.

Youth 11 and up are invited to NOOMA in Room 208.

Children 3 and under, a fully staffed nursery is available during small group sessions.

Exploring Quakerism: Exploring Quakerism: Understanding the Faith and Practice Class continues at 10am on Sunday morning in Fellowship Hall. This week we our topic is Vocal Ministry in Worship. If you are interested in reading ahead, links to Yearly Meeting Faith and Practices can be found here:

An excerpt from Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice:

“Waiting upon the Holy Spirit in silent expectation and prayer is the basis of our meeting for worship. Vocal ministry should arise out of a sense of being inwardly moved to share a message aloud. Sometimes a message is not ripe yet, or comes clearly but is meant only for the person receiving it, not for the group. Some Friends are led to speak frequently, and others only rarely; yet the timid or brief message of one who seldom speaks may be as moving and helpful as that of a more practiced speaker. The experienced speaker should be watchful not to speak too often or at undue length. No Friend should come to meeting for worship with an intention to speak or not to speak.”

At 11am Deborah Suess will offer the morning message continuing on her series of the cycle of grace with “Significance”. Jean Christy will join her on Facing Bench.

12:10 pm Monthly Meeting all welcome.




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