Jaimie Mudd, Pastor of Congregational Ministry

This is my 27th year as a Friend. It has been my joy to actively be in service to Friends’ meetings and churches since 1996. To serve as Pastor for this Monthly Meeting is a blessing.  Having come to Greensboro from Tucson, Arizona I am delighted to serve this loving and strong Friends Meeting.

I have most recently worked with Friends Meetings in Indiana. I find that we all hold dear the truth that a creative power and Life is at work in the world. Friends across the world are united in our call to hear and attend to the Light within.

With a passion for fostering healthy communities and congregations, I have ministry of prayer, pastoral care and place making. I have served on many Monthly and Yearly Meeting Committees as well as Friends United Meeting, local FCNL and, AFSC committees.

I have been able to learn from Friends across the country as I led Circle of Trust retreats, workshops on clearness committees and discernment, peace and social concerns and Friends’ Meeting/Church revitalization.  In addition to these, I also provide spiritual nurture for Friends as well as pastors and retreats for diverse faith communities that want to deepen their spiritual connections and community vitality.

My husband Dan and I have led Experiment with Light and Friends Couple Enrichment retreats. We have three adult daughters who, with their families, live in Virginia, Kentucky and Minnesota. Our household is rounded out by our Border Collie mix Ryder and his companion kitties, Luna and Patrick.

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Sheila Hoyer, Pastor of Christian Education and Outreach

In 2006 I made the decision to uproot from my homeland and move over 3,000 miles away from family and friends. People thought I was crazy and I still say that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I can hardly articulate what a gift it is to be part of this spiritual community. I’ve always valued the belief that we are all on a journey and that we need to respect and love each other no matter where we are on that journey. Quakers believe that there is that of God in each person and therefore we need to love our neighbors, no exceptions. This is lived out at First Friends. There is a strong sense that all are embraced, all are truly welcome here.

I grew up in a strict religious atmosphere. I spent my young adult years questioning beliefs and searching to understand God, the Bible and all that came with calling myself Christian. I discovered Quakers at age 17 and developed a deep love for the community of Friends. In 1996, while at George Fox University, I worked as a Youth Pastor for Sherwood Friends Meeting. A few years later I moved into the position of Program Coordinator for Northwest Yearly Meeting, a Quaker denominational headquarters in Newberg, Oregon. In 2004, I ran off to Ireland to study conflict resolution and work as a mediator. Though I thought I was done working in a church setting, in January, 2006 I accepted the call to work at First Friends Meeting and moved from Portland, Oregon to Greensboro.

I never dreamed that by moving across the country, I’d find my spiritual home and family. But that’s exactly what happened. It is an honor and continual source of joy to be part of this beloved community. These people cheer me on as I explore my connection to God, to myself and to each other. They also offer grace as I learn and grow.

I love getting to help create space for people to discover a healthy sense of relationship to God through theology and spiritual practices. I also love helping folks engage in a range of opportunities that promote social justice and making sure people in our community have food security. Being a child of the Northwest, I feel most at home working in a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of rich coffee and deep conversations. I would enjoy getting to know you over a cup anytime. Please feel welcome to email me.

Monica Hix, Minister of Music

My journey with First Friends began in early 2015 as the Interim Minister of Music. Within just a few weeks, I felt like I had discovered my spiritual home. The diversity, the rich tradition and deep love of music, the contemplative spirit, the warm hospitality, and the gifted and compassionate staff are just a few gifts of this community that I cherish. It is a place where I can share my passion for sacred music as a vital and authentic way for us to encounter the holy.

I’ve been in ministry for more than 25 years. I was ordained as a Baptist minister yet have served in a variety of ecumenical settings. I grew up just north of here in Reidsville. My husband, Phil, and I have lived in Greensboro for 32 years. We have two children – our daughter, Lesley-Ann, and her husband, Blake, live in Charlottesville, VA, and our son, Reid, lives here in Greensboro. In addition to my work at First Friends, I offer Spiritual Formation opportunities for groups and individuals.

If you play an instrument or love to sing, I would love to share more with you about the opportunities here at First Friends.

Pam Reese, Treasurer

_DSC8320I am from Greensboro, and First Friends Meeting is the church my family was attending when I was born.  I have been a Quaker all my life.  I graduated from Rockingham Community College and Guilford College.  I worked as the Director of Accounting for a large dairy cooperative for many years.  My husband, Jim, and I moved to Knoxville, TN in 1995. After 17 years there, we moved back to Greensboro in 2012 in order to be living close to my family again.  My work with the staff at First Friends began in 2013.  I am also on the Hospitality Committee, and I work with the Food Pantry.  I like to read, attend various sporting events, spend time with family and volunteer.  I am glad to be a member of a church community where I feel welcome and very much at home.  I am also happy to be working with such a wonderful and caring group of people.

Bill Davis, Clerk of Monthly Meeting

I was raised in the small town of Murphy, NC. From there, I took advantage of our state’s excellent opportunities through the N.C. School of Science & Math, followed by four years at UNC-Chapel Hill. Finally, I attended Duke Law School, relying on part time jobs and student loans to fund my studies. Since completing my education, I have practiced law for over sixteen years as an Assistant Public Defender in Greensboro. I have represented thousands of clients in both District and Superior Court ranging all the way from infractions up to First Degree Murder.

_DSC8360I was raised in the Methodist Church and found the Society of Friends after meeting my wife, Dawn, who was already a member at First Friends. We were married in 2001, and I became a member of the meeting the same year. This community has been a blessing in my love life (i.e. Dawn), in my faith journey, and in nourishing my development into leadership. I am a member of the choir, and at various times have been involved with Christian Education committee, Music Committee, Hospitality Committee, Ministry & Counsel, and teaching Sunday School.

Outside work and church, I am an avid music fan, and look for opportunities to engage in various fun and creative pursuits, including guitar lessons, occasional creative writing, and playacting.

Beth Joyce, Clerk of Ministry and Counsel

_DSC8340I am from Knoxville Tennessee (Go Vols!) and grew up a Southern Baptist. After my husband and I lived in 3 different states and attended several types of churches, we settled in Greensboro and found our way to First Friends Meeting. I look back on that Sunday as one of the best days of my life. First Friends is a welcoming community to all, whether you are new to a spiritual life or are already far down your religious path. We are a meeting that loves to read, grow together as a community–and eat!

I am currently the Clerk of Ministry & Council, on the Personnel & Long Range Planning committee and serve on the Quaker Lake Board. I am also on the Board of Trustees for Friends Homes and chair their Marketing Committee.

Ellen Ramsey, Office Manager

I was born in New London, Connecticut. During my formative years I spent many summers with dear family friends who happened to be a well-known Quaker family of Ledyard, Ct., Priscilla Watrous, Helen Watrous. The Watrouses offered me my first introduction to the Religious Society of Friends.

I attended Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut and worked at Kaman Aerospace in Bloomfield, Connecticut before relocating to Greensboro. After relocating to Greensboro I was employed by the Center for Creative Leadership for 26 years. During that time I also became involved in church support, designing web sites and publishing bulletins for various churches. Over the years, I became of member of a United Methodist Church, a Baptist Church and presently, a Bible Church in Kernersville.

Being office manager for First Friends has been one of the warmest experience of my life. I know that I am among true and supportive friends, and feel as though I have now come full circle.
Feel free to email me if you ever need assistance.